Your signage is your voice. In large industries, it’s even more so! No industrial and corporate environment can work properly without proper communication to both employees and visitors. Installing the right signage at the right locations is the key to inform, remind, warn or alert a large number or people. Designing and installing industrial signage requires an understanding of visuals and demographics.  What complicates industrial signage design is that the reader has to stop and read the information when he is moving, especially when it is necessary that he reads the sign.

Three tips for industry sign design

  • Simple and easy to read, avoid graphics
  • Not more than three words
  • Use contrast colours, e.g. Red and white

If these basic things are noted, then your industry signage is already a success!  Every industry need similar signs but different in execution and design. Investing in a good signage system will guarantee ROI.  Sign designers know how to design signs that can get the viewer to respond.