The size of the outdoor LED screen displays and LED signs are very important to know to determine the resolution per square meter we have to set for the screen. This is to avoid low quality video with very little detail or a very high quality video that is not necessary (in some cases it depends on the customer´s project type). The variable that decides the LED screen resolution per square meter is called the pixel pitch, which tells us the distance between the LED´s in millimeters. The shorter the distance of the LED´s, the higher the screen resolution per square meter, and a greater distance, the resolution will be less.

In other words, small LED screen displays require a higher resolution per square meter to achieve complete resolution of the screen (Our recommendation would be a minimal of 43,000 pixels for video standard quality without losing detail) and among the largest LED screen displays less resolution m² is needed to reach a total of 43,000 pixels resolution.

Remember that LED screen displays that will show videos with a normal quality standard must have a minimal of at least 43,000 physical pixels (or real pixels) in total, and high definition LED display screens at least a total of 60,000 physical pixels (or real pixels). If you require a glarge LED screen display where the closest viewing distance is very small, 8 meters for example, we recommend LED screen displays with virtual pixels. With virtual pixels, the number of physical pixels will be multiplied with a factor of 4. This means that if a LED display screen has a total of 50000 physical pixels has a total of 200,000 virtual pixels. The minimal viewing distance will be half of the distance of a LED screen display with real pixels.